The curriculum followed at Ocimum international school is stimulating and is directed by a very enterprising faculty who are adept at teaching the CBSE Curriculum.

At Ocimum, we have adopted scientifically proven methodology, customized for Pre-Primary, Primary and High School students along with conducting regular seminars, play -way systems, workshops etc to enable our students to become good scholars.

Play Way Method

The Pre Primary child's syllabus is taught in a play - way method in the play theme park, the green lawns, the classrooms, the amphitheatre and the activity room.

Project Work

Primary and High School students are given project work in optional subjects on the topics taught in the class. These projects are given at the end of each week.


Each student has to address his fellow classmates after every topic is taught in class and explain the concepts.. This ensures that all students have understood the concepts that are taught in the class. It also makes them more confident when addressing an audience.

Portfolio Presentation

For assessing the performance and comprehension levels of the child, we conduct monthly portfolio presentations in which the student displays his work, assignment and other related work to a group of teachers other than his class teacher .The student is quizzed on the various topics taught, by the panel of teachers and is graded accordingly.

Field Trips

We conduct regular educational field trips for our students.

We take our students to banks, hospitals, malls, theatres and other public places to familiarize them with the realities of life.